Julian Owens is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at LIFE 20/20, Executive Director for the non-profit organization Here's 2 Life, and Founding Partner of the REAL Skills Collaborative.  In all these roles, Dr. Owens develops then implements specific corporate strategies to promote continuous growth and the integration of innovative policies, and procedures to best serve niche markets.  Because of his unique and diverse leadership skills Dr. Owens can offer guidance on cultivating excellence, and superior customer satisfaction as an integral part of any company culture.  He is sought after for his ability to play instrumental roles in crafting unique business and programming model(s) and conveying these models externally to both business and community stakeholders. Dr. Owens previously served as Adjunct Professor, author of several peer-reviewed publications on adolescent behavioral health, and business strategist and consultant in multiple industries.  In addition, Dr. Owens speaks regularly on cultural competence and innovations in teaching and learning at academic conferences, and community forums, both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Owens earned his PhD in Teaching and Learning at the University of South Carolina, with advanced training in health promotion, education, and behavior. He completed post-doctoral training in mental health as a NIMH Fellow at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University. He earned an MPH in Health Management and Policy at The University of Michigan School of Public Health. Dr. Owens received his BA in Psychology from Morehouse College.

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Louise Jones is a multi-talented and faceted Project Manager whose concise attention to detail, abilities to create cohesion, and systematic data collection allows her to give valuable insight to managing operations.   By integrating detailed analytics into her presentations, she communicates facts in structured images visibly allowing either  experienced or novice audiences to digest materials easily.  Her talents include,